Our Services

We offer customized management and consulting from full-service responsibility to specific initiatives. Our High-Performance System is based on using our regional expertise and professional networks to help our clients maximize their returns. This strategic approach begins with selecting the right amount of support for your individual investment needs and objectives.

As a consultant and financial steward for our clients, we provide outsourced, third-party commercial real estate services for owner-occupied, triple net lease, 1031 Exchange, family trust, acquisition, and disposition clients in Indiana. We also offer local support for out-of-state investors. Some of our commercial property management services include:

  • Asset Portfolio Management
  • Real Estate Management
  • Brokerage Services
  • Lease Administration & Auditing
  • LEED Certification Consultancy
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Asset Management

We offer expert financial guidance for investors and developers of all sizes. By conducting detailed due diligence and site-specific evaluation, we analyze your risk, determine your upside for net operating income, and provide data-driven advice to make the most of your investments.

We’ll review your property’s operating expenses and determine the true costs of owning and running the property. We’ll assess the value based on the property’s net operating income. We can also help with management contracts, acquisitions and dispositions.

We conduct a full assessment of the physical property, and provide you with a written scope of work and strategy for negotiating any capital improvements. We’ll also take the hassle out of contractor management by helping solicit vendor bids for these items.

We’ll create a strategy to help you plan your property’s capital improvements over time. We’ll help keep your building running smoothly and recommend environmental improvements where needed. We’ll also work with vendors and contractors to keep project scope and budget in line with expectations.

Our foremost concern is our fiduciary responsibility to our clients. We value their trust above all else. We are dedicated to continuing our reputation as responsible financial stewards and strategic partners, committed to delivering optimum outcomes for all commercial real estate investments.

Commercial Property Management

Outsourcing the management of your property can be a wise decision. Our expertise in handling high-level decision-making and streamlining expenses can lead to maximum return on your investments. Our existing network of resources and market-based negotiation delivers significant value from daily maintenance to renovation.

We offer full-service plans, or personalized plans to provide only the services you wish to outsource. Either way, the goal of our High-Performance System is to minimize expenses and deliver maximum value on your investments.

From the daily functions of the commercial property to the deferred maintenance programs and capital planning, our experts will help you perform all of the building operations maintenance and financial services related to your commercial property. From how the building operates to its functionality and physical state, we’ll manage the day-to-day operations in order to maintain its financial viability from day one of your investment. Through proper maintenance and improvements, as well as through creative lease structures and more, we can ensure that you receive the maximum ROI.

As part of our lease administration services, we’ll help you interpret and manage all of your lease data so that you can correctly invoice your tenants. We also offer cost recovery consulting if needed and help you keep track of your lease renewals and documentation so you don’t miss a beat. We’ll also consult with you on the best options for deferred maintenance items in order to maximize your investments and capital improvements.

MCH Commercial offers a complete examination of documents associated with your lease, from square footage measurements to expense stop reconciliations. This systematic process is a necessary but critical component for managing investment property and can help you achieve your net operating income goals.

Brokerage Services

We are proud of our experience-based knowledge of the Central Indiana real estate market. As a licensed broker, MCH Commercial offers brokerage services for local and regional and national clients in all transactions including property purchase, 1031 Exchange, swap, or sale. We will put our expertise to work for you and help you devise a strategic approach based on your objectives.

When you are looking to acquire a new commercial investment property, we can assist you research the existing market and evaluate all of your options to find the perfect property.

We can represent you as either a buyer or seller for dispositions, conducting any due diligence and coordinating any financial and contractual agreements on the swap or sale.

As your commercial real estate broker, we can help you negotiate your purchase and leasing agreements, and represent you to your tenants for new leases or lease renewals.

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